Temporary disruptions during changes that I barely understand

I cannot stand it; that mickey-mouse web address had to go.  Cyclists have dress codes.

WordPress looks so much better.

I am in the process of changing over, with help of course.

The first step was changing my domain name.  It is now:

Such changes feels like putting together christmas presents without a manual.

“John, why don’t you read the instructions?”  

In 2010…

“Because there are none–at least none that I can understand without causing chest tightness….FTP, DNS?????”


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smiles. That's what I'm here for! I'll make sure you don't break anything (and if you do, I'll fix it).

Looking forward to working with you!

(and by the way, FTP means 'File Transfer Protocol' — it's how you UPload information onto the internet. Normally you DOWNload things, but now that you have your own server space, you can UPload it too). Groovy, huh?

I don't think your address is mickey-mouse. It's much like mine…..
I have noticed that many cyclists do not adhere to "shoes are black, shorts are black, tires are black" any more. Where are the fashion police when they're needed?

WordPress is rad; I definitely recommend it over blogger. Did you know that Garmin Slipstream's site is made with WordPress? It's an extremely versatile platform for both blogging and general content management.

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