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Day 3 Atrial Fibrillation Symposium: Homeward bound and a discovery…

Last spring in the warmth I finish talking to my friend, a gardener, and he speaks of his engagement with non-cycling endeavors and inability to ride the bike for hours.  Hanging up the phone I am perplexed.  How can this be?

But now after the third and final day of the atrial fibrillation symposium I am understanding, maybe somewhat.  There is a a grand rounds to do in 2 weeks, a blog to write and now a piece for a journal.  Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is difficult to put down.

Geriatricians say it is good to keep the brain revving and perhaps I understand.  Three days of learning is good for this and it is raining and 40 degrees and January and so I will keep typing and reading and learning.

I know, all your smart people already know these simplicities but we each discover at different velocities and discovery is fun – like a new trail or how to bunny-hop a barrier.

Can an adult go to college?  I wish.


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There are two 45 year old men that live in the dorms and eat in cafeteria, at Fort Lewis. So yes they can…..But will they have the experience that you had and I am having??? Thats to be seen. Do adults go to "college" or do children?

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