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CW: A health care triumph worthy of a shout-out

His voice on the line was uncharacteristically shaky.

“John…It was bad…It was really bad…The car crushed him…I was driving through the park and saw the whole thing.” 

Brad is one of many local cyclists who have benefited from the unparalleled ‘fury’ of modern-day trauma care.

Brad Swope’s Story from UofL Health Care on Vimeo.

The good news is that our community has a Level 1 trauma center.

The bad news is that–as a result of inattentive drivers–too many cyclists require their services.


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I have a friend her in Indiana PA that has been injured by cars twice. Once from behind resulting in a ride across the hood into the windshield and a broken Femur. The other resulted from a car stopping short in front of him and turning off the road. Somehow managed to run over his arm and his bike.

It is crazy out there. I have been struck twice, once by a police car. A teammate of mine was killed 2 years ago. Two other teammates were nearly killed. And countless others in the cycling community have been seriously injured by bike-car collisions. The driver of the car is nearly always unscathed.

Paradoxically, as technology makes our lives 'easier' this problem will only worsen. Sad, but true.


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