General Medicine Knowledge Reflection

142 seconds…

On a lighter note…

Many years ago, in medical school there were a brave few who–for generous compensation–agreed to participate in various drug trials.  They were mysteriously sequestered and given various potions and elixirs and then poked and prodded.

Here would have been a far more interesting trial to have been a subject of study.

A promising new drug (spray) is to set to be presented today at a major Urology conference. The spray’s target is PE, yet another health scourge; not to be confused with ED. On average, the spray provides men with an extra 142 seconds.

How much is the extra 142 seconds worth?

The increase is “clinically significant,” says Tom Lue, a professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco, who wasn’t involved in the research. “People will be much happier.”

I guess it depends on who you ask.