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A quest for intelligence. A long way off…

While perusing the aisles in Kroger, to an English professor and dean at a local university, I inquire about a writing course, so as to improve the blog. This author labored to a C in English in high school and despite excelling in the sciences in math, struggled like a muscleman on a cx course in the humanities. The answer from the soft spoken professor, after a pause, read some good books and be a better writer.

So Sunday was the end of bike season and there must be other pursuits which ache much less. Wednesdays are afternoons off -note to my junior colleagues: find a career in which Wednesday afternoons are free – so I made off to the book store. Need to read some good books. On a vision quest to get smarter. Grin.
The day after my chance meeting with the English professor, while waiting in the Walden lobby for Will to finish basketball, a poster catches my eye. It is off the beaten path, around a corner in a nook adjacent to Mr Shell’s office. It is a poster of Walden Pond (go figure) autographed by Don Henley,of Eagles fame. I recognize Don Henley, so I ask Mr Shell and he tells me of their school trips to Walden Pond in Concord Mass. Hmmm, Mr Shell sounds very smart.
Back to the bookstore. It is settled, Henry David Thoreau it is. Do you know that Thoreau’s classic Walden costs 6.95$. My previous read, Krakauer’s latest Where Men Win Glory was 27.95$. Good news, Thoreau’s mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson’s works is only 5.95$.
It is 0500 and 22 degrees outside. Catherine is asleep on the couch and I sit with a blanket at her feet. She unknowingly in her haze snuggles her feet to me and with my book light read to page 70 of HDT’s Walden. It is good, and different than churning circles on the watt machine in the garage. Change.
I will keep you posted on my transition to intelligence. Have already learned that HDT felt it silly to toil on drudgery one’s whole life only to retire old and stiff and unable to enjoy -at least that’s an interpretation.
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4 replies on “A quest for intelligence. A long way off…”

As a fellow blogger, I've done the same thing. Krakauer is an excellent source for the sort of sporting-life/self-reflection stuff that finds it's way into a blog.

Personally, I love Hunter S. Thompson's style of sports reporting – it's not for everyone, to be sure – but when he captures a moment, it is with a clarity few can achieve.

And, as a fellow C-student in communication, I think your writing is heads above the average blogophile 🙂

You should read HDT book/play Civil Disobedience its very interesting insight into government.

Ben, Thanks, Going to pick up some of HST's works. Andrew, you have read Thoreau? I better get reading, more!

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