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Not complaining, just stating the facts…

The phone conversations are overheard.  The other doctor is new to the game of private practice and she meticulously explains the illness to a daughter.   This persists for about twenty minutes and at the end of the phone call the daughter suggests the doctor needs to talk with the son who is a surgeon in a far away state.  Soon, the phone rings and the same material is discussed for another 15 (low estimate) minutes.  An agreement is reached and there is a third conversation to the nurse taking care of the patient.

The newbie doctor turns to me and says, “Whew, that was a long time on the phone. Do I get paid for my time?”    Of course, most know the answer is NO!

With bias acknowledged I am certain good patient care was achieved, but yet there is no payment.  In that same time spent, a defibrillator is installed, a simple ablation performed or numerous ear tubes inserted, all of which are well compensated.

And, yesterday an announcement of yet another primary care doctor moving to concierge medicine where people of means will pay for the aforementioned attention.

Just the facts…