A good day to work…

The sun has long since set in the January dreariness that barely is visible through the rare window in the lead walls of the Cath Lab.  The masses are home, the “squishers” are long since done, but two of the five rooms still toil.  The rhythm doctors are still rolling -as it is frequently.

Heart block in the presence of 2 mechanical AV valves requires a pacemaker, without having a thoracotomy (that’s a quiz) and a younger with WPW adjacent to a main highway.   Modern medicine at its best going on after the main show.  Earlier in the day there was a “simple” SVT ablation, but after the induction of tachycardia there are two vectors, one from the south and the other from the north.  Like climbing a long hill and rolling over the top to see yet another rise; breathe in and settle in for more tension.

So maybe someone knew of the need to be busy the day after a tragedy in which sadness and regret filled the mind.  For sure, it was good to occupy the mind and body so as to soothe the soul momentarily.