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Sundays with friends. And, a product review…

Weekend travels expand our experiences. Along with some random observations, today marks a first for drjohnm, my first product review.
I stand corrected, Cat, friends are not over rated.

This is are traveling crew. I ask at dinner, “Hey John May, what’s up with driving so fast?” The young and very quiet Charlotte May pipes up quickly, “that’s how we roll.”
The race organizers:
As we are gazing around the venue and prepping our “Fort,” John May says to me, “you know, it isn’t always about USGP, UCI this or that- you got to get out to the country for some home grown cross fun.” The OVCX -Alan Infirmary Mound Cyclocross Race deserves a shout out. A great venue of rolling terrain, double tract, run-ups and a bunny hoppable barrier. Kyle Wingler and his staff were great. They listened to us regulars and asked for opinions and help. Why? The motivation to grow the sport outweighs the motivation to be all knowing race directors. That was nice. Unlike the previous week, when there was confusion, the Cap city folks determined that grown adults who have been racing the entire OVCX series may have something to add. As a doctor who continues to hone listening skills, it is soothing when dealing with others who listen as well. Thanks. We will be back.
On bunny hopping barriers…
Jumping a barrier is not in my “tea bag sized bag of tricks.” Sure, I can roll some logs in the park on a dual suspension mountain bike. A barrier on a CX bike is a different story. The race today had this one lonely uphill barrier right before a steep but ridable hill. The lowish height barrier was tantalizing slanted so that the left side was even lower. In practice, I did not even attempt it. Erik crashed twice. It’s settled-I am running it. The whistle blows and off we go to that first barrier. Guys hop it, one crashes hard and I run. I lost the lead group and it took me half a lap to get back. As we approach it the second time, I flash back to the words of Gavin Haley (13) who was telling us it was easy, “Dr M, don’t you ride mountain bikes?” That was it, the next lap I approach, knowing full well that I often race like the dumbest doctor in KY, give full gas, pop wheelie, lift back end, pause, I made it. As I stomp up the hill still in the lead group, I am thinking, “can’t wait to tell the boys.” Finished second in a sprint to Erik but who cares, I bunny hopped barriers. The bag of tricks swells.
his staff were great. T
A product review:

The Drury Inn.
While perusing one of those chiseler web sites which find you the cheapest hotel(only you don’t know until after they pick), another Mr Obvious, my bud Bobro, happened on to a Drury Inn.
Since Papa John’s is not sponsored by a competing product, I am free to tell you of this phenomenon that is the Drury. The community of Ohio Valley Cross is the main draw, but the Drury seals the deal. Just a few words on our favorite home away from home.
The name Drury is questionable; close to ‘dreary’ isn’t it. That is the only negative. As you drive up, they look the same. Comforting after a long trip. Walk in and they are clean and bright, always. The staff are consistently friendly, but not in that Starbuck’s way. Like Mr Drury isn’t drilling them out. Then you have the pool and hot tub. Again, always the same half indoor-half outdoor swim under a barrier pool. A kid pleaser for sure. Hot tubs are always hot. We met a former pro football player this week and 2 weeks ago, Rachel Fagerburg hot tubbed it with a real live Aussie football team.
Every night each adult gets 3 free drinks before 1900, free chili and hot dogs and all the chips and pop you can drink. Free! Rooms are clean, the AC works, and there are fridges and microwaves. Will walks down that first morning with me to find the waffle makers. Mr Drury decided to put perfectly balanced waffle mix in a dixie cup so you and your wide eyed kids can cook up their own waffle. The rest of the breakfast stuff is good, but my numbers guy, Will, places Drury waffles in the same category as Bob Evans pancakes. A business plan extraordinaire!

On Junior racing.
To follow. Stay tuned.

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Congrats on the barrier hopping. Impressive. Last one I tried was more of a barrier slap, followed by a the sound of air rushing out of the body.

Drury Inn sounds like a must….didn't happen to meet a field hockey team in the hot tub. I mean I like football and all but not my cup o tea. LOL

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