Know the opposite of something and you know something…

I have yet to figure out the theme for the blog. Is it exercise? Or healthy living? Or medical? Cycling? What exactly?

So far, in reflecting on the posts, the only consistent theme I can figure is the “master of the obvious” thread.

In the electrophysiology (EP) lab, you have to locate where an arrhythmia is originating from. One very fruitful strategy is learning where it is not. Like learning antonyms for vocabulary.

Knowing the opposite of something is part of “big picture” or “gist” learning. I give you these words from a recent legal document I happened on to.

“Each party hereto acknowledges his or its awareness that he or it may hereafter discover facts different from or in addition to what he or it now believes to be true with respect to the matters herein released, and each party hereby agrees that these releases shall be and remain in effect in all respects as complete releases as to the matters released, notwithstanding any such different or additional facts.”

Are they serious?

Obviously, the author of these words is not a master of the obvious. Gibberish!


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haha. thanks for the laugh. every legal document i read sounds like that. its great to hear a doctor thinks the same thing when they read it.

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