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Just knowing…

Along the road of learning medicine, there many memorable teachers.
Many years ago on a renal (kidney) rotation at IU, my chart notes were criticized for lack of clarity and my signature could not be read. I was told by the intimidating very senior attending physician that a reader of your note should be clear on what you think, and it should be signed so all know the author’s identity. “Be proud of your note, son.”
“Yes, sir,” I replied. Said that bunches.
Good doctors have confidence. Assess and decide. Take a stand.
I love this note. Wish I had wrote it. Crystal clear.

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This reminds me of a note dictated by one of your collegues discussing the reason a patient was 'discharged' from hospice.

…Ms. S was subsequently discharged from hospice due to her continued survival….

A pretty nice way of saying 'becauase her heart will not stop'. 🙂

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