It’s Thanksgiving.

Grateful for so much…
Today, we are healthy.
For Staci, Will and Cat. Family.
For my childhood, thanks Dad and Mom.
For years with our beloved grandparents, Non and Gramps.
Education. My parents saw that we were educated. Thank you.
For my friends, many started as bike friends, now are just good friends. Good peoples.
For a great group in the Baptist Cath lab, who toil with me and tolerate my “horse-hockey,” all for the betterment of our patients. A special thank you.
For years of working with the best nurse on the planet, thanks VS.
For electrophysiology, every day, I look forward to work, as our technology has afforded us the ability to help so many.
For my bike. The rhythm of riding, the tension of the pedals, the carving of corners, the beauty of the trail with friends, the final corner of a criterium with a teammate on your wheel and the squeezing hug of Will after a cross race.
So much more,
Happy Thanksgiving.