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How safe is a Z-pak?

Text message: “John, This cough and congestion is killing me. It’s turning thick and green. Can you write me a Z-pak? It always works for me.” If you write a blog on medical decision-making and heart rhythm matters, it seems an incredible omission not to opine on the FDA warning concerning the commonly used antibiotic […]

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ECG Quiz: Drug-induced torsades de pointes

As the commenters correctly pointed out, this Sunday’s case involving the patient with recurrent syncope is indeed polymorphic ventricular tachycardia–aptly named torsades de pointes (‘twisting of the points’).  TDP is associated with prolongation of the QT interval, and pause-dependent PVCs (and VT).  A serious malady indeed. ICD evaluation showed hundreds of these episodes The initial ECG strengthened […]

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A malignant arrhythmia from an antibiotic? Lessons to be had…

What can an interesting case of a simple infection which nearly led to sudden cardiac death teach us about health care, health care reform and our ways of knowing? Dr Wes’ blog recently described a post from a geriatrics (specialist in the care of the elderly) doctor that highlighted the challenges of caring for the […]