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Blaming Obamacare is the wrong diagnosis

The Wall Street Journal began the week by publishing a provocative essay in which a young man suggested Obamacare kept his mother from getting appropriate medicine for her cancer. The writer crafted a poignant story about his mother, who sounds like a good person with a bad disease. Mainstream media buzzes with these types of stories. […]

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ObamaCare will not make us sick…

On day 1 of ObamaCare, the headline in our paper said “SHUTDOWN.” It’s here; it’s really here. You might be wondering what’s been going on in the hospital or office–the contact points where healthcare actually happens. The funny thing is: nothing seems any different. And…this is the problem with ObamaCare. It hasn’t, won’t, or perhaps […]


Post Election Blues

I am writing this immediately after awakening on Wednesday morning. I am sad. Not about the results. As a political agnostic, I’m going to work as I do every day. There won’t be any major changes. I’ll listen, exam, teach, ablate and implant evidence-based devices. Perhaps in the coming months, the 10-minute procedure will require […]

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Oops…ICDs don’t bounce

Whenever someone asks about the cost of an ICD (Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator), an image pops into my brain. The image that I see is how the ICD gets handed to me during the implant surgery. Imagine: Careful. Cautious. Consider how you would pass your new brand new iPad 2 to a friend, then multiply that […]

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Where’s my “foundation?”

This week I traveled to a major “arrhythmia institute” in the southern US. For a specialist in a rapidly evolving field, venturing out of the protected cocoon of one’s routine, to see other’s approach, especially those at major referral centers, is immensely helpful.  Although trips like this do not count for CME, they are just […]

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Waiting longer for health-care is a reality…

Doctoring in the trenches, using our knowledge and techno-gadgetry to enhance or save lives, is uplifting. Reading news on heath care reform is “not so much.” Reform has yet to begin, but businesses and doctors are already changing their behavior. As chronicled in this depressing piece, it is clear that doctors are joining consolidated practices and […]

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Simplify healthcare: A good start would be minimizing the uninformed and profit conflicted third parties…

Here is an example of how increased regulation from third parties attempts to control costs, but actually does the opposite. A middle aged patient whom I have seen in the past for benign palpitations called today because of atypical chest pain.  Although I have criticized the overuse of nuclear imaging studies, and probably order the fewest of […]