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Observations from the Outback…

November marks the annual American Heart Association (AHA) meeting. This is one of the few major heart meetings each year. AHA focuses on the newest technologies for the treatment of ongoing cardiac disease. Termed, “secondary prevention,” this year there were studies on implantable devices for heart failure, new blood thinners to assist in the squishing […]

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Misinformation in medicine is really bad…

The editor in chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, (aka: JACC, the leading cardiology journal) has written an opinion statement concerning end of life care. He discusses a clear cut case of an elderly patient who is dying from advanced heart disease. He appropriately describes the transitioning of life prolonging treatment […]

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A maple frosted donut topped with bacon. Illustrative of KY’s sorry state of health…

The Courier-Journal had nutrition front and center the last two days. First up; the trans-fat issue. I know, you say boring. Maybe, but trans-fats are seriously toxic to your arteries(not Staci toxic-really toxic). They are inflammatory to the inner lining of the arteries. Sound smart: call this the “endothelium.” Trans-fats are man-made (not found in […]

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Health care reforn: So much anger and it hasn’t even happened yet…

My dad repeatedly advised me to stop being so upset about things that may happen in the future. Great advice, as was most advice bestowed to me by Mom, Dad, Gramps and Non. Age and parenthood brings clarity. In mountain bike speak, the medical community is “sideways” about the impending health care changes; distractively so. […]

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A Guest Blog. Not only a plan for exercise; a plan for life.

My good friend Bob Bobrow volunteered a guest blog. A major stimulus for my entree into words stems from many hours traveling to races with Bob. He is a lawyer so is better with words than I. Take your time with these words. They are the essence of what I tell patients about exercise. Once […]

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Stem Cells

I started my day today reading the front page of CJ. The medical breakthroughs article caught my eye. Why does reading about cardiac stem cell transplant make me remember this photo. I took it for a lecture on “Heart Disease Prevention.” The stem cell thing is fascinating. The research is compelling and the scientists […]