Atrial fibrillation

Western AF Symposium 2018

Readers interested in atrial fibrillation should know that the world’s best AF meeting starts tomorrow Friday February 23 in Park City Utah.

The Western AF symposium features more than 80 faculty from across the globe. These are the leaders in AF. It’s shocking how many stars come to this meeting. I’m honored to serve as a faculty member.

There’s a special twist to this meeting.

Western AF’s organizer, Dr Nassir Marrouche, wants to use social media, specifically Twitter, to spread AF knowledge across the globe. Every year Western AF extends it’s reach through social media.

I’d recommend following the meeting’s hashtag #Wafib2018. If you have questions tweet them to #AskWAF; don’t be shy.

You will learn things from this feed.

And if you are not on Twitter, you are missing out. I realize social media has downsides, but the cardiology and electrophysiology community on Twitter boasts many thoughtful and engaged experts. It’s a great space. When people ask what is my favorite medical app, I saw Twitter.

Plus you can follow me: @drjohnm