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Trying out a new look

After four years and 823 posts, it was time to try a new look. The old format was getting both wonky and tired. So I did something that doctors struggle with: I changed.

I’m not sure that I am settled on the colors and fonts yet, but most of the old stuff is there. The menu items have been condensed, a link to my work at what is now called Medscape/Cardiology (was added, and in the footer, you will see my Twitter feed. This blog has always been about content, not flashy design. I’ve tried to keep it simple, yet make it easy to navigate to archived content. I use the search button a lot.

Of course I didn’t do this alone. Sharon Hujik, author of the blog Good True and Beautiful, helped me. Sharon has been with me since I switched to WordPress (from Blogger). If you need help with web design, I’d highly recommend her work. Here is a screen shot of her site.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 5.38.08 AM

Let me know what you think. If something isn’t working, please send me a note. Thanks Sharon.


7 replies on “Trying out a new look”

It’s very attractive. The layout is clean and intuitive. You have a good dark font against a light background so it’s easy for the elderly to read. Your web designer has a good eye.

I like the new look and format. Always look forward to your posts. Thanks for taking the time to educate us all.

He’s on ESPN and everything changes! 🙂
In Dr. John I trust. I’ve been a reader for two years now. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions with us.

Great site! Just found it over the weekend. I am having trouble with some of the links giving a 404 error.

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