WordPress conversion is coming along

The last few weekends I have worked on converting from blogger to WordPress.  The conversion is proceeding well, albeit slowly.  My aim is to provide a better experience to a wider audience of readers.

Some experts say a blog should have a specific niche.  Maybe this is right, but for now, the DrJohnM blog will endeavor to speak to patients, medical professionals and athletes.  In my opinion there is significant overlap.  Something for everyone.

Additionally, since this is 2010, I am also working on a Facebook page for the blog.

It’s too cold and icy to ride.

Stay tuned.


7 replies on “WordPress conversion is coming along”

I really enjoy the writing directed at your niche and hope you will continue to address its constituency. It's a great blog.

I am not a medical professional, and hope to avoid patient status anytime soon, but do admit to being a 60 year triathlete and enjoy reading your stuff, if that counts.

Like Al, I'm not a medical professional or a patient. I'm a very healthy and active middle-aged woman. All of the topics here are of interest, though, especially the Cycling Wednesday entries.

As a cyclist and A-Fibber, I very much enjoy your blog (even with the occasional comment about engineers as patients).

Glad to hear you plan to continue this blog. As a cyclist with a-fib, I appreciate it very much. Also, just read about the Medtronic announcement of their new CryoAblation Catheter system being approved for PAF… is this anything to get excited about?

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