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Made it to Amsterdam for ESC 2013

ESC2013_pictoHi all,

I arrived yesterday in the Netherlands. I am here to help cover the 2013 European Society of Cardiology Congress. I consider ESC Congress to be the euro version of AHA. The meeting is very large, encompassing all aspects of cardiology, including an electrophysiology sections. There is also significant coverage for Sports’ Cardiology. As an electrophysiology columnist for, rhythm topics will be my first responsibility, but I’ll be tempted to delve into other areas, especially the endurance sports arena. Europeans also have strong interests in prevention.

A couple of note keeping items:

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View from Hotel sidewalk
View from Hotel sidewalk

As for Amsterdam, it is love at first site. The city is clean, friendly and brimming with bicycles. I’ve spoken with a number of young people already about the bike infrastructure. It’s amazing; there are dedicated bike lanes, dedicated bike traffic signals and fit Dutch people pedaling everywhere. Many of the cardiologists will bike to the Congress. Another interesting thread is that cycling seems more for utility than sport. I’ve only seen one spandex-clad racer (of literally thousands). A twenty-something ESC volunteer told me the Dutch like to ride bikes more than they do race bikes.

I also inquired about commuting to the Congress with nice clothes on. You know, sweat and all. The answer was the same: don’t go so fast–and have good ‘condition.’ The latter, I have, the former, we shall see about that.


I’ll be tweeting frequently with the hashtag #ESCCongress2013. During meetings, I break my normal rule about not tweeting more than a few times each day.

My twitter account is @drjohnm

Stay tuned.