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New Trials and Fibrillations post up…

Quick question:

What is the most overused word in Cardiology?

Hint: We use it as an action verb.

To find the answer, you will need to head over to my most recent post at I tell the story of perhaps my most remarkable patient. Boy, that man taught me an important and timely lesson.

Here is the link:

The most overused word in Cardiology?


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I’m so glad to see a Dr. that understands the meaning of (need) I have lung damage from Amiodarone that was started on me 6 years ago when I had my Medtronic dual lead pacemaker installed. 3 days after leaving the hospital I was returned with Pulmonary problems caused by the Amiodarone. After 6 more days in the hospital and the pulmonary Dr. replacing the Amiodarone and having a cardioversion I went home thinking everything was going to be OK. As years went by I kept getting lung problems that were worse every year. Last year I had cat-scan done, some indication of fibrosis and emphysema. Last year I had 1 and 1/2 month I never went to bed because of the constant cough and white phylum production. during that time I found out about Amiodarone Toxicity and the terrible death it will cause. My Cardiologist kept telling me there was nothing else he could do for me and I needed to a catheter ablation, I rejected that because both of my brothers had then twice and did’t help either one of them. The one had his Aortic valve infected the second time, three weeks later he had Open-heart surgery replaced the valve and had a Cox maze III which worked. I knew if I had an ablation I wanted something like the Cox Maze III. In the mean time my breathing kept getting worse and Mayo Clinic said it was my lungs! I knew I didn’t want to die from Fibrosis so I didn’t do anything about my heart hoping my heart would take me before my lungs. June of 2012 I had an appointment with Dr Castro from Barns in St Louis, he thought my lungs would last at least 5 years. I then contacted Dr. John Sirak in Columbus Ohio to do a Five Box Thoracoscopic Maze, had the surgery August 1st. That surgery so changed my body I can not describe how much better I feel, no more lung problems that show, and have been in NSR ever since. After having had A-Fib 400 to 500 BPM and STV at an average of 160 BPM, it is like I’m 30 years younger! I want to also add I had sever Gross Hematuria for the last 3 years, which was corrected 7 weeks ago. I said all of that because ALL Dr. I was associated never said I had to do this or that it was team effort always a two way conversation. I’m so glad to see you writing THAT IS what should be taught the first and last year of med school!!!

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