Cycling Wed Reflection

Cycling Wed: Two Truths…

I have some truths to talk about tonight.

Truth and doping:

The dwindling few who still apply magical thinking to cycling were tested again today. Whether you believe Tyler Hamilton’s, now-I-am-really-telling-the-truth story on doping in professional cycling will depend on how you weigh the almost 300 pages of evidence. I plan to read the book before commenting.

Truth and me:

The second truth is that rather than write about a nifty article on how physical activity might nullify bad genes, I decided to watch President Clinton tonight. He’s pretty amazing. Even political nihilists have to admire his talent–and his results. For fans of humans-with-skills, tonight’s speech did not disappoint.

Don’t worry friends, I am just a heart rhythm doctor, cyclist and blogger. I won’t be waxing on about politics. Futile is a word that poofs to mind.

I chose to listen to President Clinton for two reasons: First, he is perhaps the best oral communicator I have ever heard. Just as golfers like to watch golf and cyclists aren’t bored watching cycling, as a doctor, it’s impressive to watch someone this gifted in communication. Second, and another parallel to doctoring–it’s always important to consider alternative options, to keep an open mind, to harbor a little (not too much) doubt. Truth be told, politically speaking, I lean a micron right of center. That’s why I listen to those with which I might disagree. (Especially on the notion that cutting “providers” will solve the problem of soaring health-care costs.)

After two decades as a doctor it has become clear that not getting stuck on one way of thinking makes for better doctoring.


I’m dreamy enough to believe that the world would be a better place if we listened more to opposing views.


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Halleujah! You, again, do not disappoint. Read the piece and THEN comment. What a radical thought, in lieu of “when we pass the health care act, THEN you can read it all.”

Although I, too, am a Bill Clinton listener (not especially a follower) I have to agree, he is the best speaker I have ever had the privilege of hearing. He does make one covet the days of old and how good it sounds.

The other week during my cardiac rehab, I had two episodes of bigeminy followed by some SVT and then nothing for 4 more sessions! I told my husband, “just telling you, if I ever need to see an electrophysiologist, I’m going to Lewisville and seeing Dr. John!” ha

“I love your approach and therefore love YOU! But certainly don’t intend to meet you at the bedside. ha


Best part about Clinton’s speech (in my opinion) – His emphasis on the need for cooperation and collaboration. Tactfully stated he reminded all of the obstructionist, single-mindedness of the “other party” that more than 2-years away from election time mandated opposition to anything emanating from the President’s office not because it was not good for the country – but seemingly solely because it originated from a member of the opposite political party …. “The Hell with the country … ” – principal goal was (beginning from the time of Obama’s election 4 years ago) to prevent anything positive that might happen – because a “lack of positive results” by current president would increase the chance that he would not get re-elected.

The important lesson to be learned that transcends whatever political party one might belong to – is that IF true goal is to improve the situation for this country – cooperation and collaboration are the essential first step. So it is with the U.S. Health Care System – where it has to be OBVIOUS that primary GOAL has to be to make health care accessible to ALL Americans, regardless of income and regardless of preexisting condition.

I for one have DIRECTLY experienced this in recent efforts to help a family member who otherwise would have been excluded because of both of these reasons (finances; preexisting conditions) – and who otherwise would have gone bankrupt in the process of trying to get adequate health care.

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