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Cycling Wed: Hope for the stiff and aging athlete

Hey (Masters-aged) Athletes,

I’m with you.

Birthdays are tough. You feel old. Your body creaks.

I know. I feel your pain. I, too, ride with youngers who sprint, climb and otherwise float past effortlessly. I’m thinking to myself as they shoot off the front, easily cutting through a crosswind or stomping up a hill…”Hey, where you going that fast.”

Then, at a store stop in a place called Elk Creek, you sit next to the local Northern Euro cycling phenom and gaze down at this sad sight.

Think I'll get on the lotion

But yet, for us birthday-challenged riders, hope always springs eternal. Why else would we keep chasing?

I was just poking around the Internet today and happened onto some severe inspiration. (Note: Using ‘severe’ as an adjective to ‘inspiration’ constitutes cycling-speak.) Though these one-minute videos have already been seen 2.7 million times, I think they are worth a share.

Calcified marathoners, perpetually sore triathletes and watt-obsessed bike racers, feast your eyes on the nimble 86-year old Johanna Quaas: (From Germany, where else?)

There’s more:

Kind a makes you want to eat less, stretch more, and maybe even grow old.

And this thought just popped into my head: Close your eyes and picture the average 40+ endurance athlete trying a handstand or somersault. Grins are indeed heart-healthy.

So is thinking that stuff is possible.


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Truly amazing for an 86 year old woman – and wonderful videos to save for anyone you encounter who says they are “too old” … Keep cycling John! (I’ll keep dancing … ). THANKS for sharing.

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