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Could the Dalai Lama be a heart doctor?

I follow a lot of intriguing people on Twitter. Each of them sends me noogets (a favorite slang word of mine) of information that either inspires, uplifts, informs or even amuses me.

But there’s one twitter-er that stands out. He really helps me–along with 2.6 million others.

The Dalai Lama tweets most mornings about the time I hit the deck. “What did he say this morning,” I ask myself frequently. Sometimes I pause for just a moment, but other times his words come back to me later in the day.

Now folks, I’m not going soft on you. I can’t even touch my toes, never mind do yoga. I realize that as a serious medical blogger, it’s not really accepted to let religion or politics seep into my posts.

But this very well-known quote seems to hint at the essence of our modern-day heart problems–atrial fibrillation in particular. 

The quote: (Read it slow.)

Herein lies the story of so many…like me? like you?

To those who ask how to prevent heart disease, I offer you the Dalai Lama–not supplements, chocolate, alcohol, or even statins.

Sacrificing health for money, sacrificing money for health, anxiety about the future, and failure to live in the present. Dying without ever having lived.

Yep. Sprinkle in a little inflammation and that about covers it.


h/t to Dr Lisa Chu (@drlisachu), whose website bares the heart-healthy name: themusicwithinus. Nice

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I love the quote. Do you know where it came from? I’d love to capture the quote and photo and put it on my desktop so I read it every day.

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