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Too cheery?

Since it is Friday, I usually try to write about something reflective or inspiring. Cheery. Positive. Heart-healthy even.

-Something that makes me forget that I had to sign (now) 5 times to do a five minute procedure.

Or that an insurance company doctor doesn’t understand why I need to do a CT scan after an AF ablation. And he’s really the one in charge.

-Or that we can’t see as many patients because of the documentation required to prove that we aren’t frauds, and that we are providing ‘quality’ care. [Note to young doctors: Do not ever think how many more you could help if not for the clicks, and papers, and people required to register a patient. (Negative thoughts are bad for the arteries.)]

-Something that reminds me why it’s such a great honor to care for people with a skill that took so long to acquire–and requires constant attending to, to stay good at.

Yes. Eek out a few words that remind me of the good stuff. Like this afternoon’s pass through the doctor’s lounge–as if on cue before sitting at the computer.

In discussing a doctor that was ranting around a unit, (it’s a small hospital) a colleague was saying to another:

“He was mad.”

“About what?”

“About all the bad stuff that happens to doctors…He kept chanting this:

…Where will be in 5 years if all this keeps up.”

My goofball answer:

(Voiced): “I am hoping to be in the EP lab fixing a heart rhythm problem, or in the office at a white board explaining treatment options. In other words, taking care of people.”

(Thought): “And I am pretty sure my wife will be graciously and skillfully caring for the suffering and the dying.

Is it too cheery to keep seeing the positives through the fog of regulation?




3 replies on “Too cheery?”

Nah. Life philosophy: avoid the stuff you KNOW you don’t like, or that makes you happy. Seek and accept each thing that makes you happy. New stuff that makes you unhappy will always find you. It is what it is. Choose, as you do each Friday, happy.

Cheers. Thanks for the upbeat post!


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