“You have 4 in the hospital to see.”

Okay folks, it is time to bust back into the non-fiction world–the world of downgrades, military quagmires and not-so-blue seas. Ouch, this weekend was a rough one in which to jump back in.

The fiction world was nice. There were oodles of “free” food, blue skies, even bluer oceans (what is up with that color of the Caribbean seas), and those novelists with the imaginations. Wow. Does anybody write stories about people over 40 that have a good marriage, or a normal life? Geez.

I’ll be talking to you soon, but right now, I am heading back into the world where food costs money, the words on the page are real stories and only healthcare is “free.”

And no, I don’t plan on selling stocks today.


One reply on “Re…Assimilation”

I have progressed into persistent afib.and quite sad. My last day of sinus rhythm was July 30 at approximately 2:30 AM. My resting BP sits around 105/65 and HR is around 65 to 72. Am on Bystolic and Pradaxa. CHADS score 1 due to mild high BP. Am a healthy 58 year old EX runner. All of the anti-arrhythmics have either failed me, made me disfunctional, or in fact exacerbated the problem Trying to decide next steps. Looking for some insight. My symptoms are not bad, a little winded with quick exertion, and at some level are less severe than the constant worry of the going from sinus to Afib. What I really need to know, my doctors are reluctant to commit, are what the threshold is for declining success in ablations, Paroxysmal minus 1 week plus two weeks or what.. IS is a 85% success 35 % or what and when. I understand, I think, that I am not really damaging my heart if I keep the HR and BP under control. I made the mistake of changing my mind about 6 weeks ago and got off of the ablation list and now am having some difficulty getting back in, and frankly am not certain if I should. Would really be nice though to run a nice cross country 5K on a brisk morning again without falling over from lack of oxygen. Guess that is done though. Any thoughts would be welcome..

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