Friday Reflections: It’s easy?

When people ask about my trip to Hamburg I start by saying that I am an American, and I love my country.

I do. I really do.

And Memorial Day weekend is indeed a great time to reflect on those that gave their lives so that we are free.

That said though, my reentry back to our country’s bigness has taken some time.

American health care is so large.

Bright lights.

Loud keyboards. Click. Click.

So many computers. Not Macs.

Really big rooms (often with big patients.)

Oodles of forms.

Big checklists.

Long protocols.

Infinite guidelines.

Uber documentation.


It’s so hard to keep it simple. That’s too bad, because I like simple.

My new friends from the Hamburg EP lab liked to say…

“It’s easy.”

Delivering care here is not always so easy–even when it really is, or when it should be.

But I still love it.

Time out! Let me sign that form.


2 replies on “Friday Reflections: It’s easy?”

the differences in health care delivery and cost are crazy! when I was in Spain I was in the hospital for 4 days, had numerous cardiac tests done including an EP study they told me it would cost around 12,000 but it ended up being around $8,000….

back in the US now I had another EP study done and had a loop recorder put in, this alone without hospital stay costs was over $70,000!! Now I don’t know the costs of the loop recorder but it can’t be that much to account for the huge differences here… where is that huge difference coming from?? It’s crazy!

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