AF ablation Doctoring Knowledge

Trying our hand at research

In a classroom, when you are passionate about something, it seems natural to raise your hand and ask a question, or make a comment.

That’s how we feel about AF ablation in our EP lab.

And it is amazing what can be learned when you actually look back at your past clinical data. What you thought might be true, may be false, or what you were sure wasn’t, actually was.

It is also striking how time consuming it is to accurately compile and report all that information.

A few of us in our humble, non-foundation-supported EP lab are trying our hand at writing an abstract for this fall’s AHA meeting. We have some interesting data, but putting all of it together (with p-values and the like) doesn’t leave much time for meandering musings.

Stay tuned.

I must say it is fun doing stuff outside your zone of comfort. When you know little, the learning curve is steep.