Happy Thanksgiving

A mom who took care of us kids far better than she did herself, always.

A Dad whose advice grew better with years, although it was good then.

Two brothers and a sister to share a driveway basketball court with, rain or shine.

The infinite love of grandparents, who lived within hollaring distance over an old Connecticut stone wall.

A high school guidance counselor who said I wasn’t smart enough to go to medical school.

A college biology professor that rolled out a cart of beers on that first Friday evening research conference.

That I watched the movie Hoosiers, and thought to look at Indiana University for residency, and while there, met so many dedicated cardiology-teachers.

That I have so many great colleagues to work with now.  Immersing oneself in a sea of committed people helps the heart.  Medical peeps are a cool crowd.

That technological wizardry has allowed us on opportunity to alleviate the heart’s most common hiccup, AF.

That our family has found some great pals to hang with.  Friends that allow us to wear tank-tops, shorts and crocs-with-socks when we visit.  

But most of all, I am thankful for a family that I would not change one bit. A loving wife who is a best friend and healthy smart kids who like themselves, each other, and their parents (at least most of the time.)



Oops…I am thankful that I am a masters bike racer too. Only I wish that I was faster.

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