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A break from the serious…

After a stressful first week at the new practice, here are three observations from a welcome Saturday:

– The definition of a fine product – the Macbook:  Having to wait in line to spend nearly 2000$.  To Miss Amy at the apple store, “I am just here to buy a Macbook, I know the model so no talking is needed.”  The reply, “sir, it will just be a few moments for a sales person.”  “You mean there is a line to spend 2000$?  Many minutes later success was ours and off we went with the new toy.    Did you know that it does not come with an instruction manual?  Friends that I roll with will find this disconcerting.

-Riding mountain bikes with your good buddies on snow covered trails constitutes about as much fun one can have on a bike.  To play is good for the heart and play we did, like children.  For 120 minutes there was no health care reform, CPT codes or any other such worries, as just a moments inattention landed you on the really cold ground.  19 year olds fare better than mid 40 year olds -go figure.

-Anniversaries of marriage are remarkable.  This weekend 19 years ago on a similar night in Indianapolis Staci signed up to “stick with me” as I like to say.  Presently, we are both very different people, not just older, but scientifically speaking, there are phenotypical changes from our mid 20’s, but yet we continue as best friends and best companions.  Most EP doctors are superstitious, so without jinxing us, I am hopeful and optimistic for many more years together.  Lots of grins going forward.  Love, compassion, respect, patience and friendship are all words that fit.


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