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Life: Enjoy the ride

Syncope: The medical term for loss of consciousness. It is one of the main issues an electrophysiologist looks after.

This week while in the office we heard a loud boom. My office is in the basement (we are instructed by management to call it the lower level.) It was sunny but sounded like thunder?? Sirens come next. What gives?
One of the many patients coming to our building lost consciousness while pulling into a parking spot and drove over the sidewalk into the building. She came too and had minor injuries. That’s really good.
We have the tools to prevent this going forward, but it made me think what happened if this occurred in the park, on the highway or on Bardstown Rd?
Is it my age that makes me think these things?
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The really interesting question arises: did the DMV or relatives consider taking away the license; repeated syncope clearly raises safety issues for the driver, and all persons nearby.

(Grammar question: where does the “question mark” belong in the above construct; the phirst frase is obviously a question, but they’re joined by a semi-colon.)

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