The Fort…

Watching the Wild Things this weekend made me recall the fort building done as a child.

Remember building forts as a youngster. A blanket over the bunk bed or maybe a more elaborate one out in the backyard or nearby woods. It felt good. Friends were welcome. A respite. Comfortable.

Then on Sundays with Will we venture out to the OVCX race of the week. This week was Bloomington IN. Bloomington in October is hard to beat. Even Will pipes up without provocation: “These leaves are soooo beautiful.”
The May’s have become great traveling buds. We arrive and back in the vans/SUV’s. Soon Flower joins the group and there we have our fort. Out come the chairs, pumps, bikes, trainers and tent. Here is a shot of John, John, Shellie and Charlotte…
Will and I after the race…
The racing is good. We both had decent days on the bike. Will was third, I was fifth.
The more lasting message for me is hanging out in our little cross fort. A comfortable cozy spot with family, friends and that same atmosphere you felt in your childhood sanctuary. Staci has one more week of studying and then we will have our best pal with us.
Next week at USGP we even get time with Catherine as she will be the podium girl. Grin.

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Johnny M….come on now…I was not even there and I heard you came riding out of the singletrack section with a destroyed helmet and a branch sticking out of it! That did not even make the blog and that is all my kids keep talking about. Maybe I should try CX! BTW…can't beat the Mays…they are incredible "peoples!" Haley

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