Lifestyle changes, cycling and normal…

Tonight, let’s talk a little about ‘normal.’ Nearly every weekend in the fall, during cyclocross season, I line up with a cadre of other men who look as though they desperately need to “eat a sandwich.” You look around for calm and all you see are ribs and hip bones poking through spandex. Seriously, these […]

In the Prime posts for this week — Health Insurance and Obesity

Hi all, I wrote two posts this week for the Courier-Journal’s online health portal, In the Prime. The first was titled, Can an insurance company improve our health? In this post I use the tragic story of a patient who stopped taking an important medicine because of a high copay. Two recent medical studies have […]

New Trials and Fibrillations post up: Obesity and Atrial Fibrillation

The old thinking had obesity only indirectly involved with atrial fibrillation. That is, fatness perpetuated AF because the extra weight led to other conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep disorders. Emerging data paint a gloomier a picture for patients with high body fat composition. It looks like fatness itself has direct and negative […]

Cycling Wed: Shame at the Tour, Diet Pills and The Greatist

It’s going to have to be brief tonight. The data from today: 7 bottles, 4 water stops, 110 degrees and 2200+ calories. (Strava proof.) Needless to say, as I type, my legs are on the brink of locking up. My brain feels as if it’s shrunk down in my head. Even this Retina screen looks […]

Obesity: Finding hope in a seemingly hopeless struggle

I like positive thinking. Optimism helps keep inflammation at bay. You can’t be a heart doctor and think problems are hopeless or that bad outcomes will occur. But…I have to tell you, obesity and its flume of chronic diseases makes it tough to stay upbeat. As an office doctor, obesity frustrates; as an internationalist, working […]

An un-solvable medical disease?

You know what befuddles me? Clinical nutrition confuses the heck out of me. The adjective ‘clinical’ implies that I’m talking about the medical aspects, the science of nutrition, not the basics. Of course, you know what constitutes basic nutrition. Everyone does. The simple rules seem well…so simple. (With JMM-to-patient commentary in italics.) Consume fewer calories. […]