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I am not quitting social media

I recently finished an academic review paper on the role of social media in medicine and cardiology. My co-author and friend Piotr Futyma (Rzeszów Poland) and I focused mostly on the upsides of digital media. It’s not yet published but it is accepted.  I was an early and accidental adopter of social media. I used […]

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Doctors and Social Media — Increasing the good we do?

“Mass social media is a crock. It is an inherent contradiction. This is why I like LinkedIn more than Facebook. It has a special purpose and therefore doesn’t feel like a time waster. FWIW, I predict the next huge win in social media will be in health care.”               —Rich Karlgaard ( writing in WSJ […]

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Social media figures prominently in the current debate on gene testing in Cardiology

An interesting debate has emerged in cardiology this week. The science is interesting, but equally intriguing–for a general audience–is the stage on which this debate plays out. That social media features prominently could only be called cool. First the debate: What role, if any, should genetic testing play in guiding modern heart care? The specifics […]

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Friday Reflections: Don’t take my stories away

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for medical bloggers. For us heart rhythm folks, in case you had not heard, there is an ongoing DOJ investigation of ICDs. Electrophysiologists put in ICDs. These life-saving devices are complicated to use, require sound clinical judgment, along with a thorough discussion with the patient. That’s all I […]