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Thoughts on the Apple Watch and Mobile ECG

Last week I wrote a column on | Medscape Cardiology on the new Apple Watch ECG and Kardia Band. The Tweet I sent out on Saturday has done well — 74 Retweets (without any robots) is pretty good. The Apple Watch ECG — The good, the challenges, and the really scary. My thoughts on […]

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Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

I’ve never been more concerned about the harms of healthcare. Any exposure to the health care system can get you in trouble. It’s especially scary when healthy people enter the system–often in the name of prevention. Remember that the most likely outcome of a medical intervention in a person without complaints is harm. How can […]

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What is normal and what is disease?

Future generations of doctors will face different challenges than I did. When I started training, disease was easier to spot than it is now. Today, the line between sickness and wellness has blurred–and it gets blurrier all the time. The quantified self movement stands to make this worse. In a profit-driven healthcare climate, disease feeds […]