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New tools to rescue one from heart attacks…

Any doctor who tries to counsel patients on the importance of making good lifestyle choices has heard these oft repeated phrases. Doc, “I don’t eat french fries.” “I just smoke a little.” “I really do not eat that much.” “I do not have time to exercise.” “My blood pressure is always better at home.” “I […]

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A cautionary note to my endurance athletic brethren…

Exercise is good for you. It forms one of the triads of health: good nutrition, good movement, and good sleep. However, like in life, too much of anything is counterproductive, even destructive.   I have long struggled to explain the steady stream of hyper-fit, uber-athletic endurance athletes who see me for arrhythmias.  A membership in […]

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On quality of care as a strategy for success…

Taking care of heart attacks is about speed, the “door to balloon time” is the primary metric used to determine a hospital’s worthiness.  So congratulations to the Santa Rosa Memorial’s staff for being the fastest in the country, but they should not delude themselves with the notion that high quality care is all that is […]