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Dear America: Embrace the bike culture…It’s heart healthy

I love cycling. Being outdoors, pedaling, feeling the swoosh of the wind, these are all sensations that more people should enjoy. They are sensations of happiness. And oh, does the heart love happiness. I also love my country. America is an amazing place. If you take a moment to really look past the mundane of […]

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CW: You have a ticket…Enjoy the show

I want to apologize in advance. I did something this week that induced my goofy neurons to run amok. I took a day off and went to the movies with my wife and son. (Yes, the iPhone stayed in the car.) We saw MoneyBall. It’s a beautiful Sports Life story. You should go see it […]

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Happiness: the fourth leg of heart health

He was dressed causally in jeans, a loosely collared shirt and a near perfect tan, as if it was happily acquired outdoors, not in a tanning booth. This Monday morning on GMA, Dan Buettner, a member of the crazed ultra-endurance cycling fraternity sat before millions of viewers, with the perfectly coiffed George Stephanopoulus, and proclaimed […]

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The “happiness quotient” and healthcare reform and Tiger…

Here is a surprise: Doctors and hospitals oppose the recent medicare provision. Us cardiologists are also opposed to the looming 50% cuts in medicare reimbursement. Imagine. Is this good news? Certainly not, how would anyone feel about earning 50% less? Will this cause access problems for the 65 and up patients; you bet it will. […]