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Gender-Specific Results of AF Ablation in a Private Practice Setting

Here is our AHA poster. In powerpoint version: Gender-specific results of AF Ablation in a Private Practice Setting And in PDF: Gender-specific results of AF ablation in a Private Practice Setting-PDF The actual poster: (Click to enlarge.) I would like to thank my co-authors. Without their volunteerism and can-do ethos, we would simply not know […]

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CW: Living on the far right of the (heart-health) curve

Readers of Cycling Wednesdays know that I am often tough on the endurance athlete crowd. Our over-indulged, egocentric lifestyles, and less-than-tranquil temperaments make great fodder for posts on inflammation. Sorry about that. But not this Wednesday, though. Today, I am putting your healthy ways up on a pedestal. I would like to invite you into […]

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Philosophers know not health…

The WSJ recently reported the American Heart Association’s earth shattering proclamation urging people to focus on the prevention of heart disease.  The AHA provides the seven steps to wellness, like a map to the grail.  Does the AHA have a surprise or something novel to share with us?  No, just the usual recommendations to not smoke, […]