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Health care reforn: So much anger and it hasn’t even happened yet…

My dad repeatedly advised me to stop being so upset about things that may happen in the future. Great advice, as was most advice bestowed to me by Mom, Dad, Gramps and Non. Age and parenthood brings clarity. In mountain bike speak, the medical community is “sideways” about the impending health care changes; distractively so. […]

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A Guest Blog. Not only a plan for exercise; a plan for life.

My good friend Bob Bobrow volunteered a guest blog. A major stimulus for my entree into words stems from many hours traveling to races with Bob. He is a lawyer so is better with words than I. Take your time with these words. They are the essence of what I tell patients about exercise. Once […]

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Swine Flu???

This past Tuesday afternoon I left work a bit early, around 1600 or so as I was so in need of a nap. Felt so tired even driving the 3 miles home. Immediately got supine and fell asleep in seconds. got up and went for a fairly typical trail ride with Staci. sluggish but ok. […]