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Thoughts on the Apple Watch

Apple products are cool. I love them.

But (even) Apple will struggle delivering health.

Making healthy people healthier is fraught with problems.

At the core of this issue are the many snags of screening people for disease.

Here are 600 words I wrote for Medium: I’m a Heart Doctor. Here’s Why I’m Wary of the New Apple Watch

Here are my thoughts in the Wall Street Journal:

And the Washington Post:

And The Atlantic:

And MarketWatch:

Even Slashdot:

My colleague Patrice Wendling from |Medscape Cardiology captured some of my positive comments on the watch:

If you like academic prose, here is an editorial I co-wrote on AF-screening for the influential medical journal, JAMA-Internal Medicine: Screening for Atrial Fibrillation Comes With Many Snags


Also … You can hear my thoughts on the five top cardiology stories each week on my podcast: This Week in Cardiology. The link on iTunes is here:

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I’ve had the AliveCor device for nearly 5 years as a participant in the initial compilation of ecgs that was used to develop the algorithms. I’ve had ecgs from the device flagged as Afib. For this whole time I’ve also had a dual chamber pacemaker that will record Afib. The events recorded and flagged by the AliveCor were bigeminal PVCs. Even I could tell that, but it still concerned me at the time. I think these Apple devices will create a flood of people contacting cardiologists with problems that do not exist

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