Hospice/Palliative Care

Join us tonight for #HPM Palliative Care Tweet Chat

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.50.32 AMTonight, February 17, at 2100 EST, Staci and I will host a Tweet Chat about cardiology and palliative care. It’s a great way for the general audience to learn from Staci. As a cardiologist married to a palliative care doctor, I get to know things that most cardiologists don’t know.

The one-hour session revolves around three questions that are outlined over at Pallimed.


Here are some of the details:

What: #hpm (hospice and palliative med/care) chat on Twitter
When: Wed 2/17/2015 – 9p ET/ 6p PT
Host: Dr. Staci Mandrola and John Mandrola

Twitter Feeds to Follow:

Staci Mandrola @drstacim

John Mandrola @drjohnm

HPMChat @hpmchat

Go to for up to date info.

If you are new to Tweetchats, you do not need a Twitter account to follow along.

Try using the search function on Twitter. If you do have a Twitter account, we recommend using for ease of following. You can also check out the new site dedicated to #hpm chat –

Two other notes:

Paula Span of the New York Times has a great piece on the benefits of getting palliative care involved early.

If you are not on Twitter, you should be. It’s beautiful way to learn from and connect with people across the globe. Don’t listen to the preconceived notions about Twitter. In the healthcare realm, Twitter buzzes with smart thoughtful people. The other reason I like Twitter is that it hones short-writing skills.

If you continue to resist Twitter, my Tweets come across my Facebook DrJohnM page.

See you tonight.