Good medicine — making it up as we go along

Do you wonder what makes good medicine?

Really good medicine.

The sort of good medicine that will never be evident on a spreadsheet or publicly reported website.

And surely not the ACE-I, statin, beta-blocker, get an echo, nuclear and cath kind of good medicine.

Just read this. (It’s cyclist friendly, too.)


2 replies on “Good medicine — making it up as we go along”

I understand exactly. Been having this “confrontation” with my EP every visit. He is more concerned about telling me what is going to happen in my treatment that he’s decided rather than listening to where I’m coming from. I basically have to raise my voice to shut him up so I can inject my thoughts. This is NOT my idea of how MY treatment should progress. Don’t need someone pontificating over me. I need a physician who will listen to what I want and help me decide how to get there if all possible.

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