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100 is the new 80…If you are good to yourself (and lucky)

“There has been a change in your prescription,” said the eye doctor, a wise and bald man, who could have been mistaken for an economics professor at Princeton.

“It’s improved?” the 30 year-old cardiologist asked. Better, improved, always the reflex for athletic cardiologists.

“Doctor…you have been to the pinnacle and passed it. Your eyes, like the rest of your body, are on the downward side.”

Damn aging. The creases, the sags, the morning kinks, and the children on bikes who ride away from you as if they are on a motorbike.

Then there is Frenchman Robert Marchand.

The phrase I like to use when leaving the exam room of arrhythmia patients: “Be good to yourself.”

Likely, Mr Marchand is no Rabbit Angstrom.


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