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The best New Year’s resolution video you will ever see…

My messages are simple:

Mastery of the obvious;

Reflective learning;

Balancing optimism with realism;

Plan for health;

and this biggie:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.58.04 AMStack together lots of small changes. Strive for small wins. They add up to big things.

They are all here, plus some science. Dr. Mike Evans is a doctor, professor and creator extraordinaire. This is talent. If you care about learning and health and communication, this 5:47 gem will have you tingling. Enjoy.


One reply on “The best New Year’s resolution video you will ever see…”

GREAT 6-minute video with a powerful message: In order to change – you have to really WANT to change. Definitely worth watching – esp. if you’ve never seen any of the many truly unique Dr. Mike Evans videos. He is like no other! THANKS for posting.

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