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Not your average 10 year-old…

In bike speak there’s an action verb called ‘shredding.’ This boy is shredding.

I have only three comments; then watch this beautiful 3-minute video.

1) What does his mother think? Surely, he’s not a first or only child.

2) British Columbia is a place I want to visit with a bike.

3) Love youth.

#whatwereyoudoingat10 on Pinkbike


h/t to Steve Tilford – author of my favorite cycling blog.

10 replies on “Not your average 10 year-old…”

Wow. As a nearly 60-YO late-life MTBer who has trouble even getting his wheels off the ground in the first place, and one collar bone still not broken and I mean to keep it that way, I had tears in my eyes over this wee guy’s ability, and my head in my hands at one point. Some of those drops! He’ll definitely be on the world downhill championships circuit one day. 10 ! A joy.

My son did come home with his mountain bike full of mud the other day……no we live in the U.S.

I can vouch for British Columbia as a great place for all things outdoors. This kid’s from Squamish, which the little town just south of Whistler Mountain.

In another life, I’d settle in Vancouver with a vacation home in Squamish where I’d spend weekends and time off. The drive alone up the Sea to Sky Highway to Squamish and Whistler is unreal.

My son Scott and I rented downhill mountain bikes at Whistler a few years ago and still talk about it regularly. Neither of us had any experience and still had a ball. With the right bike, it’s way easier than it looks. You take the lift up, then hold on for dear life.

Do it. You will not regret.


Jay – Your comment reminds me of a friend who took up another “easier-than-it-looks” passtime. He was strong and exceedingly agile. He is now paralyzed in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. This is not to say no one should be doing these kinds of activities – but only that they are NOT without risk. A mistake is not always “forgiving”. IF it were my 10-year old – he would not be out shredding (and not because I’m a sedentary worry-about-anything adult – as I am the opposite of this).


Really, riding the greens padded head to toe is not too much of a reach. Life’s made for living. Enjoy. No regrets here.


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