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Joe Kraus — Powerful words on the downside of social media

My son and I watched this video yesterday. We both caught ourselves nodding in agreement.

I’m sharing Mr. Joe Kraus’ ( words because they so nicely highlight the struggles that come from living in this hyper-connected society.

Enjoy. (I realize 15:31 is an eternity. Sorry about that. I still think it’s worth it.)

I always wondered why I have so many creative thoughts in the shower.


h/t to my colleague, Dr. David Mann who blogs at EP Studios.

3 replies on “Joe Kraus — Powerful words on the downside of social media”

Great share! As someone who grew up with computers and cell phones, as the years pass, I’m finding it more and more difficult to just close my laptop and turn off my phone to focus on my textbooks [which is terrible, seeing that I’m in medical school!]. Hopefully it’s not too late to turn things around!

This message is a rare and beautiful find, Dr. John. I will share on my FB page (ha!) and with my friends (and even my pastor!) as I am in complete concurrence despite my own sometimes debilitating use of my smart phone.

I LOVE the ready access of information vs. old time dictionaries and encyclopedias (my old nickname was Huntly-Brinkly) so you know, if you are not too young, that my search for knowledge is not new—just insanely satisfiable in our tech age!

Again, thank you for your never-ending attempts to challenge our brains and care for our bodies! And if a message like today feeds the spirit too, that’s even better!

GREAT Post! I heard a “beep” from my iphone while watching it – and felt the hard-to-control-urge to stop and pull out my phone ….

This is WELL WORTH the 15:31 duration of this video. Thank you.

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