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CW: What makes us happy?

This will have to be a short one tonight. I’m getting ready to unleash a fury of words and opinions on matters of the heart rhythm.

A respite now.

I came across this highly tweeted piece on how much salary we require to be happy. It turns out that 50,000$ per year acts as a happiness pivot point. Making more than 50k does not seem to increase perceived happiness.

As for you all, I can’t say, but I’d surely be happier with more watts than dollars any day. Imagine the sensations of holding 400 watts for longer than a few minutes. Call that bliss. Seriously, what would you trade for a few extra dollars–watts for sure, more success at ablation, good health, fewer bike crashes, patience, grace, the memory to pick up stuff after using it. Wait, I had better stop.

One more happy thing: more readers!

Okay…I’m getting back to work. HRS is in full swing. Look for posts tomorrow over at Trials & Fibrillations.

I learned a ton today. I had a nice dinner with two of my electrophysiology teachers. Gosh, I owe those two so much.


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Being the recipient of a successful pvi ablation and celebrating 6 months of being afib-free … that makes me happy.

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