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Sun and fun

Don’t read my blog this week. That is, if you are looking for sound medical information, or insight gained from the daily practice of medicine.

This week, I am on vacation in Southern California. This yearly quest used to be called a “training camp.” Now, saying such would constitute true overstatement. Merely we seek daily rides in the California mountains, the camaraderie of like-minded friends and an escape from the daily trials. It’s nice. And hard, I am already sore from the trails.

Day one saw us ride up a mountain in dumping rain. After a few thousand feet of ascent, the rain turned to snow. We smartly decided to turn back. Shivering and cold we made it back to our hot shower.

Day two brought the arrival of the entire group of 6 guys, four doctors, one businessman and one fireman. High winds and snow again shortened the mountain climb.

But today, the sun shines and the talk is of seven hours on the local trails outside Laguna Beach.

If I can figure out how to add photos, I will.




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have fun, stay safe ( we need you back in one piece so you can keep the lay of us confident, that we have a way to keep up with the ” so much that’s going on ” ) you blog good medicine.

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