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Why we love cycling?


It’s raining, dark, cold and early on a Saturday winter morning.

Don’t ask me how, but I happened on to this video. Last Saturday, it was downhill; this one celebrates something closer to my heart..uphill.

Enjoy…Turn up the volume.

(From the “Theoretical Chemistry Cycling Association.)

Did you all know there was such a thing as Theoretical Chemistry?


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What a great video, in such a beautiful country; climbing in those mountains is such a treat. I miss being able to ride like that. When we rode the Col de Madelaine in ’02 it was HOT. We took our helmets off then, and it felt really weird. I knew about Physical Chemistry, but not Theoretical. Who knew?

early sept. last year you reported and seemed to favor “apixaban” ( then not f.d.a. approved ) over other anti’s. i left coumadin and went to pradaxa, it’s been nice to go back to blur berries and green veggies. so far so good with pradaxa. been taking since it received medicare coverage. any thing new about “”apixaban” ? comments and links appreciated. thanks frank

To Frank’s question, you might want to check out this website. Apixaban items do appear from time to time. I produced this webpage originally for myself (AF sufferer, bike racer, and ePulse founder), as way to keep myself up to speed with developments. But, figuring that many others out there might find it of use, I’ve just made it a free service to the AFib community: The site is updated every few days. Check the FAQs (under Help) to learn a little more.

I’ll let you know how much hurt I endure later this month. Looking forward and somewhat apprehensive at the same time.

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