Atrial fibrillation

To Boston…

This week will be AF week.

I am flying to Boston for the renowned Boston AF symposium, Thursday-Sunday. On Wednesday, I’ll be visiting a Harvard hospital to watch a case of cryo-balloon ablation for AF. It will be the second time that I have seen the cryo-balloon, the first was in May 2011 in Hamburg. We (my colleagues and I) are trying to decide whether the current balloon technology warrants asking our hospital to make a tremendous capital outlay. In addition, I am also wondering exactly what (patient) advantages cryo adds over and above RF ablation–a technique that we have become exceedingly comfortable with, and that we perform safely and well.

I’m bringing only the IPad so any updates will be brief.


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Hello Dr. John
Pradaxa and reflux

I have recently been diagnosed with AF and I am taking the 2X110mg Pradaxa. I notice your comments that some patients get reflux. I am taking 10mg of Pariet following a previous issue with bleeds in the gut. So far no reflux with Pradaxa. Would it be worth trying with your patients?

Look forward to reading more at your site.

Sure the Boston AF Symposium is exciting, educational, inspiring, and all, but what about the UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships?

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