Friday’s reflections: An employment agreement

We were told ties were mandatory.  And no facial hair.

There were 5 technicians, cameras, lights and meters.

In such formal dress, normally confident cardiologists looked unsure.

My Cardiology group’s photo-shoot was a formal show.  Scarily formal, like The Firm would have had.

Why so formal?    

Because it happened.  We could not hold out any longer.  Like most other cardiology practices in Louisville (and in other major cities as well), our cardiology group was acquired by–partnered with, in correct-speak–our adjoining hospital.

Many of my physician colleagues have asked about the notion of working for someone else–in this case a major corporate entity, as if it were a bad-thing.

It is not.

Here are a few of the think-positive, glass-half-full reasons:

  • The hospital that we are partnering with our good folks.  For one, those in leadership are the same people who have been there since I joined in 1996.  That speaks loudly.  
  • Being employed is nothing new. Few electrophysiologists are truly independent.  Plus, doctors really work for their patients anyways, right? 
  • This may sound overly politically-correct, but partnering with a hospital aligns the doctors’ and hospital’s interests. Working together is always better than the alternative.  Symbiosis.  
  • This partnership promises to reduce the burden of practice management.  And, anything that allows for more time doctoring and less time pre-authorizing is highly welcome.  
  • Finally, the cath lab staff have already pointed out that I am now one them: Employed by the mother ship, with their rules and regs.  A kindred spirit-ism.  

Just keep that facial hair trimmed.


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I’m opposed to the “Facial Hair” edict. After all, how would I ever convince “The Kids,” that I’m Santa without my beard? Is the hospital discriminating against Santa? I sure hope they are not; I already have way too much coal loaded on my sleigh. Keep implementing these kinds of rules and I’ll be driving a coal truck rather than a sleigh… “I wonder if my reindeer are strong enough to pull a coal truck?”

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