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Big pharma knows your private health matters

He was here for routine follow-up.

He has atrial fibrillation. He is, and has been well controlled on generic, well-tolerated anti-arrhythmic medicine for years.  “I feel great, Doc”

He is happy, as am I.

But he was confused.  Why hadn’t he been switched to the “new” AF medicine.

Hmm. Uh-oh.  Here we go again.

He hands me this pamphlet.  “It just came in the mail.” 

It was easy to convince the patient he was fine on his present regimen.

The more distressing point here is that this surely was not a coincidental mailing. Sanofi must have known of his diagnosis or his present medical regimen–which included a generic AF medicine.

Direct to consumer ads in mainstream media outlets is one thing, but focused ads based on what should be your private medical record is yet another.

In the old days only the local pharmacist and your doctor knew your private health details. Now, not so much.  In this way, what is new (about information technology in healthcare) is surely not improved.


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I love the line on the Brochure "Sanofi-aventis respects your interest in keeping your personal information private." That's priceless.

I get these from different manufacturers and it does bother me, but what can you do. I don't even know who provides them with the information.

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